A very grateful thank you to the Caddo Nation and Wichita and Affiliated Tribes. Their support and commitment made this exhibition and publication possible, especially Terri Parton, president of the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes; Gary McAdams, cultural program planner for the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes; Tamara Francis, chairman of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma; and Phil Cross, NAGPRA coordinator for the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma.

In addition to the support given by First American Nations and artists across Oklahoma and the North American Southeast, this publication would not have been possible without the support of multiple museums and lenders.

Alabama Museum of Natural History

Brooklyn Museum

  • Nancy Rosoff (senior curator, Arts of the Americas)
  • Monica Park (senior museum technician/image service coordinator)

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

  • Bill Iseminger (assistant site manager)

Chickasaw Cultural Center

  • Emily Santhanam (curator of exhibitions and education) Joanna John (senior collections manager)
  • Christopher Zellner (photo archivist)

Gilcrease Museum

  • Susan Neal (executive director)
  • Laura Bryant (anthropology collections manager) Claire Cross (photographer)
  • Diana Cox (intellectual property and copyright manager)
  • Susan Buchanan (director of collections)
  • Alicia Perkins (associate registrar)
  • Ann Boulton (associate conservator)
  • Laura Fry (senior curator and curator of art)
  • Renee Harvey (librarian)

LeFlore County Historical Society

  • Bonnie Prigmore (director)

Lightner Museum

  • Kristen Zimmerman (registrar)

The Minneapolis Institute of Art

  • Jill Ahlberg Yohe (associate curator of Native American art)
  • Heidi S. Raatz (collections information specialist)

Missouri Archaeological Society

  • Lisa Haney (program manager)

Museum of Native American History

  • David Bogle (founder and chairman)
  • Matt Rowe (curator)

Museum of the Red River

  • Henry Moy (Quintus H. Herron Director)
  • Daniel Vick (Mary H. Herron Keeper of Collections)

National Museum of the American Indian

  • Adrien Mooney (registration specialist)
  • Marian Kaminitz (head of conservation)
  • Nathan Sowry (reference archivist)

National Museum of Natural History

  • Kristen N. Quarles (digital collections specialist)
  • Lucia Martino (photographer)
  • Felicia Pickering (ethnology museum specialist)
  • David Rosenthal (collections manager)
  • Daniel Rogers (curator emeritus)

Ohio History Connection

  • Brad Lepper (curator of archaeology)
  • Lesley Poling (registrar)
  • Lily Birkhimer (digital projects coordinator)

Oklahoma History Center

  • Jeff Briley (deputy director)
  • Tahnee Growingthunder (special projects)

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

  • Stacey Sherman (senior coordinator, rights and reproductions)

Peabody Museum Press, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University

  • Bridget Manzella (publications coordinator)

Saint Louis Science Center

  • Kristina Hampton (collections manager)

Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

  • Daniel Swan (interim director and curator of ethnology)
  • Christina J. Naruszewicz (collections manager)
  • Marc Levine (associate curator of archaeology)
  • Susie Fishman-Armstrong (collections manager)
  • Tracy Bidwell (museum registrar)

University of Arkansas Museum

  • Mary Suter (curator of collections)
  • Mariah McElroy (graduate assistant)

University of Tulsa

  • Marc Carlson (librarian of special collections and university archives)

University of Washington at St. Louis

  • Kristin Good (assistant registrar for exhibitions and digital assets administrator)

Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve

  • Shiloh Thurman (director)

Individual Contributors

  • Timothy Baugh (director, Wichita Tribal History Center)
  • Caddo Culture Club of Oklahoma City
  • Carla Cain (photographer)
  • Robert Cast (Caddo Nation THPO)
  • David Dye (photographer)
  • Robert Sharp (former executive director of publications at the Art Institute of Chicago)
  • Mary Jo Watson (director emeritus; Regents’ Professor of Art History, University of Oklahoma)